WE-MLS Multiline EMI Suppression Ferrite

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  • High impedance common mode inductor with 2x2 windings made by PCB line connection
  • High rated current with typ. 4 A
  • Broadband filtering because of the NiZn-ferrite core
  • RF common mode inductor for 2, 3 or 4 lines in one component
  • Compact size
  • Operating temperature: –25 ºC to +125 ºC
  • With the appropriate layout the impedance (i.e. 4 windings) respectively the current (parallel circuit) could be increased


  • Perfect suitable for absorption of common or differential mode interferences in the field of EMC
  • With one turn the component performes like a 3 or 4 times common mode choke for the signal
  • Multi-conductor systems and power electronics
  • Filtering components of low voltage power supplies
  • 4-line sensor application


Tags: WE-MLS, FeMLS, Ferrites for PCB Assembly, WE-MLS Multiline EMI Suppression Ferrite, Chip Beads