WL-SBSW SMD Bi-color Side View Waterclear

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  • Dimensions
Size L
1204 3.2 1.5 1.0 SMT


  • Dual color chips LED
  • Low current requirement
  • Fast switching
  • Side view
  • Compact package outline, very small package for exceptional brightness


  • Indicator
  • LCD illumination as in PDAs, MP3-Players, LCD monitors, LCD televisions
  • LED Display: Full color video notice board
  • Industry white goods: Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator…
  • Interior applications: switches, telematics, climate control system, dashboard


SPEC Order Code Emitting Color λPeak G typ.
λPeak R typ.
λPeak V typ.
λDom G typ.
λDom R typ.
λDom V typ.
IV G typ.
IV R typ.
IV V typ.
VF G typ.
VF R typ.
VF V typ.
Chip Technology 50% typ.
Design Kit Samples
1 PDF 155124RG73200 Red & Green 520 632 525 624 160 60 3.3 2 AlInGaP + InGaN 120 150155
2 PDF 155124RV73200 Red & Bright Green 632 573 624 571 60 30 2 2.1 AlInGaP 120 150155

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