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Switching Frequency (max.): 500.00 kHz

Original publication on 2014-06-01, revision 0.1


The SM2400 is a highly programmable OFDM based N-PLC modem combining PHY, MAC with mixed signal components for optimal system cost and performance. The SM2400 combines the benefits ofprogrammable architecture with power and cost efficiency by utilizing two 32bit cores configured specifically for N-PLC modulations and protocols.The SM2400 comes with firmware versions implementing 1901.2 compliant PHY and MAC layers and 6LoWPAN data link layer as well asPRIME, G3-PLC, FSK/BPSK, Lon compliant mode and other special modes tailored for smart metering and smart grid applications. The SM2400 is capable of achieving data rates of up to 500Kbps over500KHz frequency band.The SM2400 enables secure communication featuring a 256-bit AES encryption core with CCM* mode support.Integrated analog front end featuring ADC, DAC,gain control and two OpAmp’s allows for a very efficient system design with a low cost BOM.Memory interfaces include serial flash for program storage and external SRAM (available only in the (SM2480) for applications requiring extendedmemory, such as base stations. The SM2400 can also run simple applications on its DLL core. In case, where a host MCU is being used, they interface viaSPI or UART.


  •  Dual core architecture with custom N-PLC optimized DSP and Data Link Layer 32bit controller High performing custom DSP engine with embedded turnkey firmware featuring: Configurable operational band within 5-500KHz range – compliant with CENELEC, FCC and ARIB bands operation OFDM and FSK modulations Compliant with IEEE 1901.2, PRIME, G3-PLC, CTIA/EIA709.2, G.hnem Proprietary operation modes: NOFDM Selectable differential and coherent BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK and coherent 16QAM modulations Configurable data rate up to 500kbps Programmable frequency notching to improve coexistence Jammer cancellation Adaptive tone mapping (on-off sub-band bit loading) FEC – Convolutional, Reed-Salomon and Viterbi coding CRC16 Carrier RSSI, SNR and LQI indicators for best channel adaptation and L2/L3 metrics Zero-crossing detector Programmable 32bit RISC protocol engine featuring: Data Link Layer firmware options compliant with IEEE 1901.2, G3-PLC, PRIME, IEC61334-4-32 and others IP adaptation layers – IPv4, 6LoWPAN Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) channel access Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)  Meshing and self discovery mechanisms CCM* with AES128 / AES256 encryption core On-chip Peripheral Interfaces: SPI (slave) / UART host i/f Up to 19 firmware controllable GPIO’s JTAG SRAM interface (on SM2480) SPI master for external flash Up to 2 additional SPI slaves for metering,wireless transceiver or other devices Seamless interface to an external line driver foroptimal system performance: Integrated A/D and D/A Integrated OpAmp’s for RX and TX Integrated PGA Low power operation modes Offline mode Listen mode Receive mode Transmit mode 3.3V (5V tolerant) digital I/O Receiver sensitivity of
  • 80dBV
  • 40 °C to +105 °C temperature range LQFP64 packageRemarks:L3=10uHL4=1uHL5=680uHL6=2mHL7=18uH


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