Simple, Synchronous Voltage Mode PWM Controller

Topology: Other
Switching Frequency (min.): 180.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 220.00 kHz

Original publication on 2005-09-30, revision 4


The SC2608 is a versatile voltage-mode PWM controller designed for use in step down DC/DC power supply applications. A simple, fixed frequency, highly efficient buck regulator can be implemented using the SC2608 with minimal external components. The input voltage range is from +3.3V to +12V. Internal level shift and drive circuitry eliminates the need for an expensive P-channel, high-side MOSFET. The small device footprint allows for compact circuit design.SC2608 features include temperature compensated voltage reference, triangle wave oscillator, current limit comparator, and an externally compensated error amplifier. Current limit is implemented by sensing the voltage drop across the bottom MOSFET RDS(ON).The SC2608 operates at a fixed frequency of 200kHz providing an optimum compromise between efficiency , external component size, and cost.SC2608 has a thermal protection circuit, which is activated if the junction temperature exceeds 150 OC


  • +3.3V or +5V or +12V input voltage
  • 200kHz operation
  • High efficiency (>90%)
  • 1% Reference voltage accuracy
  • Hiccup mode over current protection
  • Robust output drive
  • RDS(ON) Current sensing for protection
  • Industrial temperature range
  • SO-8 package
  • Integrated boot strap diode
  • Thermal Shut down
  • Fully WEEE and RoHS Compliant


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