2.5 MHz Dual Switching Regulator with Integrated 2A Switches

Topology: Buck
Input Voltage (min.): 24.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 24.00 V
Switching Frequency (min.): 250.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 2500.00 kHz
Output 1: 5.00 V / 1.800 A


The SC2440 is an adjustable frequency dual currentmode switching regulator with 2A integrated switches. Its high frequency operation allows the use of small inductors and capacitors, resulting in very compact powersupplies. The SC2440 is suitable for next generation XDSL modems requiring operating frequencies in excess of 1.5 MHz. The two channels operate at 180° out of phase for reduced input voltage ripples. Separate soft start/shutdown pins allow independent control and output sequencing for latch-up prevention. The SC2440 can also be externally synchronized up to 2.5 MHz per channel.Current-mode PWM control allows fast transient response with simple loop compensation. Cycle-by-cycle current limiting and hiccup overload protection reduce power dissipation during overload.


  • Up to 2.5 MHz/Channel Programmable SwitchingFrequency
  • Fixed Frequency Current-mode Control
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 2.8V to 20V
  • Out of Phase Switching Reduces Ripple
  • Cycle-by-cycle Current-limiting
  • Independent Shutdown/soft-start Pins
  • Independent Hiccup Overload Protection
  • Independent Power-Good Indicators
  • Two 2A Integrated Switches
  • External Synchronization
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Thermally Enhanced 16-pin TSSOP Package


  Order Code SPEC Product series L
RDC typ.
RDC max.
Bauform Version Samples
7447779112 PDF WE-PD SMT Power Inductor 12 1.82 2.4 50 58 23 7345 Robust

Other applications and Würth Elektronik products for this IC

  • SC2440A
    Topology: Buck, Input Voltage (min.): 24.00 V, Input Voltage (max.): 24.00 V, Switching Frequency (min.): 250.00 kHz, Switching Frequency (max.): 2500.00 kHz, Output 1: 3.30 V / 1.800 A
  • SC2440A
    Topology: Buck, Switching Frequency (min.): 250.00 kHz, Switching Frequency (max.): 2500.00 kHz