Topology: Buck
Input Voltage (min.): 2.20 V
Input Voltage (max.): 5.50 V
Output 1: 1.80 V / 0.200 A

Original publication on 2017-09-12, revision .


The S-85V1A Series is a step-down switching regulator which features high efficiency and fast transient response.Since PWM / PFM switching control automatically switches to PFM control when under light load, high efficiency isrealized. This IC is suitable for mobile devices and battery powered devices due to introduction of own distinctive COT(Constant On-Time) control.Also, high-density mounting is realized by adopting super-small, thin SNT-6A package. Therefore, the occupancy areaincluding a coil, an input capacitor and an output capacitor can be reduced to 2.0 mm × 4.5 mm = 9.0 mm2, and itcontributes to miniaturization of electronic equipment.


  • Current consumption10 μA quiescent currentEfficiency93%Fast transient responseCOT controlInput voltage2.2 V to 5.5 VOutput voltage0.7 V to 2.5 V, in 0.05 V step2.6 V to 3.9 V, in 0.1 V stepOutput voltage accuracy±1.5% (1.0 V ≤ Vout ≤ 3.9 V)±15 mV (0.7 V ≤ Vout < 1.0 V)Switching frequency1.0 MHz (at PWM operation)High side power MOS FET on-resistance450 mΩLow side power MOS FET on-resistance350 mΩSoft-start function1 ms typ.Under voltage lockout function (UVLO)1.8 V typ. (detection voltage)Thermal shutdown function135°C typ. (detection temperature)Overcurrent limit function450 mA (at L = 2.2 μH)Automatic recovery type short-circuit protection function Hiccup controlInput and output capacitors Ceramic capacitor compatibleOperation temperature range Ta = −40°C to +85°CLead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free


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