PEF 24628

SOCRATES™ -Bis/-EFM Family

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The Infineon SOCRATES™-Bis/-EFM Family provides several SHDSL transceivers for a wide area of tele- and data communications.For pure TDM applications the SOCRATES™-Bis/-EFM Family provides the SDFE-4/2/1 devices (Symmetrical DSL Front End) supporting 4,2 or 1 SHDSL channels.For EFM applications the SOCRATES™-Bis/-EFM Family provides the SOCRATES-4e/2e/1e devices.BGA device packaging, a minimized number of external components, and low power consumption lead to reduced overall system cost.


  Order Code SPEC Product series L1
(V (AC))
IC-Referenz xDSL Type CO/ CPE Isolierungstyp Bauform L
Montageart Samples
750510623 PDF MID-DSLITL xDSL Transformers for use with Intel® chipsets 3.07 1875 Socrates SHDSL CO & CPE Functional EPX9 10.16 10.16 12.7 SMT
750510250 PDF

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