PEF 24624

Lantiq™ SDFE - 4 / 2 / 1 V2 Symmetric DSL Front End, 4 / 2 / 1 Port

Topology: Boost


The SDFE-4/2/1 V2 are the members of Lantiq’s 3rd generation SOCRATES™ family of SHDSL transceivers designed for TDM applications.The SDFE-4/2/1 V2 features full compliance with the ETSI TS 101524 and the ITU G.991.2 (G.SHDSL/G.SHDSL.bis) standards. Advanced system functionality and cost saving features continue to provide signifi cant low BOM advantages in the SOCRATES™ tradition. These features,in combination with an unprecedented power consumption of approximately 500 mW per channel, and a very small footprint, make the SDFE-4/2/1 V2 excellent solutions for remote powered repeater designs.


  • Fully integrated 4/2/1 channel transceiver solution, including DSP, microcontroller, analog front end (AFE), line driver and memory, in a single integrated chip
  • Support of payload data rates from 144 kbit/s up to 15.352 kbit/s with 8 kbit/s granularity (exceeding G.SHDSL.bis)
  • M-pair functionality integrated
  • Tunable hybrid for optimal loop adaptation and reach
  • Only a few external passive components required
  • Prepared for Near End Self-Cross Talk Cancellation with separate FW Product Brief


  Order Code SPEC Product series L1
(V (AC))
IC-Referenz xDSL Type CO/ CPE Isolierungstyp Bauform L
Montageart Samples
750510623 PDF MID-DSLITL xDSL Transformers for use with Intel® chipsets 3.07 1875 Socrates SHDSL CO & CPE Functional EPX9 10.16 10.16 12.7 SMT

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