Demoboard 5 V Qi wireless transmitter

One-chip 5 W Qi wireless transmitter

Topology: Full-Bridge
Input Voltage (min.): 5.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 5.00 V
Switching Frequency (min.): 110.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 205.00 kHz
Output 1: 400.00 V / 0.020 A

Original publication on 2016-04-26, revision 1.0


The NXQ1TXH5 is a controller and driver IC for a 5 V Qi-certified/compliant low-powerwireless charger. It offers a fully integrated solution that includes a 5 V full-bridge powerstage, as defined in Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 5 V Qi standards A5, A11, A12 and A16.The NXQ1TXH5 uses a dedicated analog ping circuitry to detect devices. With the analogpin circuitry, an extremely low standby (wait state) power consumption is achieved. Whena Qi-compliant receiver is placed, the NXQ1TXH5 starts to communicate with it. After the receiver is recognized, it safely initiates wireless power transfer from the transmitter to the receiver, while monitoring for fault conditions such as overheating or interference from metal objects. The device is optimized to operate from a 5 V USB power supply and usesSmart Power Limiting (SPL) to adjust the output power automatically to compensate forpower-limited supplies. The device supports Foreign Object Detection (FOD).LED outputs and a buzzer output are available for the user interface. The LED outputsfeature a number of blinking modes. Static Power Reduction (SPR) allows multipleNXQ1TXH5-based transmitters to operate from a single USB power supply by limitingpower consumption per device.The NXQ1TXH5 is available in a 5 mm  5 mm, 32-pin HVQFN package.


  • Single-chip WPC 1.2 transmitter
  • Operates from 5 V supply
  • Low EMI radiation meeting EN55022 radiated and conducted emission limits
  • Very few external components needed, minimizing cost and board space
  • Extremely low-power receiver detection circuitry by integrating an analog ping circuit;standby (wait state) power 10 mW (typical)
  • Power stage protected against overcurrents and overtemperature
  • Dual-channel Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) demodulation
  • Demodulates communication packets from Qi-compliant receivers
  • PID regulation for power drive and control
  • Internal 1.8 V digital supply generation
  • LED (2) and buzzer outputs
  • NTC input for external temperature check and protection
  • On-chip thermal protection
  • Small HVQFN 32-pin package (5 mm  5 mm) with 0.5 mm pitch
  • FOD with WPC receiver versions 1.2 and 1.1 and for legacy receiver support(Qi version 1.0)
  • Peak efficiency > 75 %
  • Excellent low power (< 2 W) transfer efficiency. Ideal for charging wearables


  Order Code SPEC Product series Compliance Bauform L
RDC max.
760308111 PDF WE-WPCC Wireless Power Transfer Transmitter Coil Qi - A11; MP-A11 53 x 53 x 6 mm 6.3 200 13 25 20 80
760308101103 PDF WE-WPCC Wireless Power Transfer Transmitter Coil works with Qi Tx IC's Ø 30 x 1.9 mm 6.5 50 3 200 20 35 2.3
760308101104 PDF WE-WPCC Wireless Power Transfer Transmitter Coil works with Qi Tx IC's Ø 20 x 2.8 mm 6.8 50 2.5 125 20 42