High-efficiency Qi A6 multi-coil transmitter with smart NFC enhancements

Topology: Wireless Power
Input Voltage (min.): 3.30 V
Input Voltage (max.): 3.30 V


The NXP 12 V Qi A6 reference design is a highly optimized solution that gives consumers a better way to charge their battery-operated devices, without using cords, connectors, or electrical plugs. Any wireless charging-enabled device can use the same charging pad, and the pad can be integrated into cars, office furniture, charging kiosks, and other systems. When used in a 3-coil configuration, additional positioning freedom is achieved to guarantee reliable charging operation in designs with larger charging areas as in automobile consoles.The reference design delivers exceptional efficiency with a significantly lower component count than comparable 12 V wireless charging solutions. By adding smart NFC enhancements, it enables advanced use cases like zero-power standby, automatic Bluetooth pairing, user-defined chargersettings, and many more.The design provides a transmitted output power of over 7W to enable a 5W wireless charger receiver output to the battery, and uses advanced digital ASK signal processing to ensure reliable interoperability with a low component count. The design includes the NXP NXQ1TXA6 wireless transmitter controller, which is housed in an HVQFN33 package thatmeasures just 7 x 7 mm. The NXQ1TXA6 offers a flexible architecture that supports configurations of one, two, or three coils. The NXQ1TXA6 automatically detects the presence and number of connected coils and configures itself accordingly. The design also includes a full-featured NXP NT3H1201 NTAG I2C NFC device, the GreenChip NWP2081 half-bridge driverand the NX2020N2 low Rds-on Trench MOSFETs.The digitally optimized ASK and FOD processing guarantees reliable communications with the receiver, and protects against heat caused by foreign objects, as specified by the latest version of the Qi A6 standard (V1.1.2). Powered by the NXP GreenChip TEA1720 SMPS in the 12 V supply unit of this Qi A6 wireless charging transmitter design enables a high efficiency wireless charging solution with a very low standby power.


  • A6 transmitter according to Qi standard version 1.1.2
  • Optimized BOM with low component count
  • Small controller package: HVQFN33 (7 x 7 mm)
  • Advanced digital ASK processing
  • Foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Status indications by LEDs and buzzer
  • Optional NFC “tap to power on” feature
  • Automatic configuration for number of coils


  Order Code SPEC Product series Wicklungstyp Windungsanzahl L1
IR 1
RDC1 max.
744273222 PDF WE-SL5 HC SMT Common Mode Line Filter sectional 2 30 2200 1400 0.06 80