Qi-standard conforming charger controller

Topology: Wireless Power
Input Voltage (min.): 3.30 V

Original publication on 2014-03-13, revision 2


The NXQ1TXA1 is a state of the art digital control controller for Qi-standard conforming wireless charger base stations. The controller supports type A1 or A10 single coil base stations.The NXQ1TXA1 offers wireless power transfer, WPC 1.1 - Qi low-powerstandard-compliant communication and safety functions including Foreign Object Detection (FOD), temperature monitoring and more. The controller supports the conventional WPC pinging mode during standby to identify potential receivers. The controller can also work with the trigger function of the NXP NTAG I2C product. This feature enables wake up from a phone its NFC field while having zero power consumption of the charger during standby. The controller also offers a flexible User Interface (UI) withup to two LEDs and one buzzer for feedback and control.Depending on the required charging pad area, coil configurations such as A1 (single coil with magnet) and A10 (single coil without magnet) are supported.


  • Qi conforming wireless charger controller and communication:
  • Integrated Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Using frequency and duty cycle control
  • ASK demodulation
  • One NTC input for coil or surface temperature monitoring
  • Two LED outputs for optical user feedback
  • Buzzer output for acoustical user feedback
  • Integrated PMU (Power Management Unit) to minimize power consumption during Sleep and power-down modes using tap to power on
  • Tap to power on option in combination with NT3H1201 (NFC TAG)
  • Temperature range 40 C to +85 C
  • HVQFN33 package, 7  7  0.85 mm


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IR 1
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744273222 PDF WE-SL5 HC SMT Common Mode Line Filter sectional 2 30 2200 1400 0.06 80