Demoboard ALT8471NISPM1215

±12V Output Non-isolated DC/DC Power Board

Topology: Buck-Boost
Input Voltage (min.): 4.50 V
Input Voltage (max.): 36.00 V
Switching Frequency (min.): 100.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 2000.00 kHz
Output 1: -12.00 V / 1.100 A
Output 2: 15.00 V / 0.800 A
Output 3: 12.00 V / 1.100 A
Output 4: -15.00 V / 0.800 A

Original publication on 2020-03-19, revision 1.0


We have developed a positive / negative power supply reference board that is ideal for high-precision analog circuits used in audio equipment and industrial equipment.In a system equipped with audio equipment, PLC, and sensors, when performing highly accurate analog processing, an operational amplifier that requires positive and negative power supplies is required to secure the dynamic range. In that case, ± 5V, ± 12V, ± 15V, etc. are necessary, and the power supply circuit may be large and complex.This reference board uses a single analog power supply controller IC (model: LT8471) to design two positive and negative power supplies. This makes the analog power supply very compact. In addition, since this reference circuit supports buck / boost / buck-boost, it is possible to realize a plus / minus power supply for operational amplifiers by supporting a wide range of input voltages.


  • Built-in dual 2A and single 0.5A / 50V power switch
  • Both positive and negative outputs can be generated from a single input voltage
  • Multi-topology 2-channel configuration such as step-down, step-up, SEPIC, ZETA, flyback, and inverting
  • Switching frequency can be set from 100kHz to 2MHz
  • Reduce input ripple by anti-phase switching


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