Industry’s First 5V Single IC Transmitter Solution Supporting WPC1.1 for A5 & A11

Topology: Wireless Power
Input Voltage (min.): 4.50 V
Input Voltage (max.): 6.90 V
Switching Frequency (min.): 110.00 kHz
Switching Frequency (max.): 205.00 kHz


The IDTP9038 is a WPC-compliant Wireless Power Transmitterfor A5 and A11 designs operating from 5V supplies whichconforms with WPC Specification 1.1. Operating in the WPCcompliantmode, the integrated full-bridge inverter supports 8Wpower transfer utilizing the IDTP902X Receiver family, andensures efficient switching with EMI/RFI emissions that arebetter than the requirements of the WPC specification.An embedded microcontroller provides extensive control &application flexibility. In addition to implementing the WPCspecifieddevice identification and a closed-loop control protocolwhich constantly adjusts transmitted power, the IDTP9038features a proprietary back-channel communication modecompatible with other IDT Wireless Power products, providingsecure authentication with data encryption using a Secure HashAlgorithm (SHA) of up to 64 bits.Featuring programmable multi-layer Foreign Object Detectionand built-in Over-Current, Over-Voltage, and Over-TemperatureProtection, the IDTP9038 is extremely easy to use and providesa complete WPC-compliant solution with minimum externalparts count, requiring significantly less board space and lowertotal solution cost than competing products. It is available in acompact 7mm x 7mm VQFN package. A complete Evaluation kitis available with an easy-to-use GUI interface, which allowsusers to quickly verify system performance and implementWPC-compliant designs with minimal effort.


  • Input voltage range: 4.5 – 6.9V
  • WPC 1.1 compliant for A5 or A11-type coils
  • Integrated power stageo Very low RDS(ON) offering high efficiencyo Minimizes real estate & BOM cost
  • Integrated foreign object detection & current sens
  • Proprietary slew rate control for best in class EMIo Eliminates EMI filter
  • Supports up to 8W receiver power transfer
  • Input Source Voltage Flexibilityo USB or AC adaptor
  • Demodulates and Decodes Communication Packetsfrom WPC-compliant Receivers
  • Optional Proprietary Back-Channel Communication
  • Security and Encryption up to 64-bit
  • USB Interface Supports High Current Charging withD+ / D- detection
  • Master/Slave I2C Interface
  • programme voltage protection
  • Programmable input in-rush current
  • Current limit and over-temperature protection
  • 40 to +85°C temperature range
  • Available in VFQFN- 7mm X 7mm 56 pin


  Order Code SPEC Product series Compliance Bauform L
RDC max.
Q Samples
760308111 PDF WE-WPCC Wireless Power Transfer Transmitter Coil Qi - A11; MP-A11 53 x 53 x 6 mm 6.3 200 13 25 20 80