Demoboard P9038-R-EVK

5W Qi Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Board

Topology: Wireless Power
Input Voltage (min.): 4.50 V
Input Voltage (max.): 6.90 V


The P9038-R-EVK is a turnkey 5 Watt, Qi-compliant wirelesspower transmitter reference kit for fast prototyping and designintegration. The kit consists of an easy-to-use reference boardand comprehensive support collateral that significantly easesdesign-in effort and minimizes time-to-market.An associated layout module enables direct instantiation on toa system board, while an optimized and fully-testedBill-of-Materials (BOM) takes the guess-work out ofcomponent selection. The P9038-based solution is well-suitedfor a wide range of applications, including PC peripherals,furniture, medical devices, and other portable devices stillhindered by traditional contact-based charging bases orcables.The board features a ubiquitous micro-USB connector tosupply 5 V power to the input. Alternatively, VIN and GND testpoints can be connected to a different power source or wireddirectly into a prototype system.IDT's wireless power transmitter solution is complemented bythe P9025AC-R-EVK Qi-compliant 5 Watt wireless powerreceiver reference kit. Visit to learnmore.


  • WPC 1.1.2 (Qi) compliant for interoperability Compact formfactor for fast prototyping• Layout module provided for direct copy to system board• 2-layer PCB reference layout and fully-tested BOM• 4.5 to 6.9 V input, designed for 5 W output on the receiver• Integrated power stage for low BOM cost, lowmanufacturing cost, and small PCB area• Input in-rush control prevents surges with inexpensivepower adapters


  Order Code SPEC Product series Anwendung Interface typ Typ Gender Pins Montageart Arbeitsspannung
(V (AC))
Verpackung λDom typ.
Farbe λPeak typ.
IV typ.
VF typ.
Chiptechnologie 50% typ.
Compliance Bauform L
RDC max.
Q Samples
629105150921 PDF WR-COM Micro USB 2.0 Type AB Horizontal Micro USB 2.0 Type AB Horizontal Receptacle 5 SMT 30 Tape and Reel
150060SS75000 PDF WL-SMCW SMT Mono-color Chip LED Waterclear 630 Super Red 645 60 1.9 AlInGaP 140
150060VS75000 PDF WL-SMCW SMT Mono-color Chip LED Waterclear 570 Bright Green 572 40 2 AlInGaP 140
760308111 PDF WE-WPCC Wireless Power Transfer Transmitter Coil Qi - A11; MP-A11 53 x 53 x 6 mm 6.3 200 13 25 20 80