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Demoboard FPF2895 Evaluation Board User Guide

USB Type-C PD 3.0 Solution FPF2595+FPF2895+FPF369 Power Stage Board User Guide

Topology: Other
Input Voltage (min.): 4.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 22.00 V
Output 1: 5.95 V / 3.500 A

Original publication on 2017-05-05, revision C


The following user guide supports the demonstration kit for FPF2595, FPF2895 and FPF3695, IntelliMAXTM full functional input power path management switch for up to 20/5A with OCP/OVP and Fast Role Swap operating in USB Type-C PD system. It should be used in conjunction with the FPF2595 FPF2895 and FPF3695 datasheet and EVB. Please visit ON Semi’s website at www.onsemi.com or contact with ONSemi sales for related material.Power Stage Demo Board and Sub Board have the component and circuitry to demonstrate basic functions of FPF2595, FPF2895 and FPF3695 load switch and typical application of USB Type-C PD 3.0. The board is designed for the maximum thermal performance. The operation input voltage range is 4V to 22V. Power Stage Demo Board size is 140mm x 110mm and Sub Board size is 120mm x 100mm.


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