Cyclone V ST SoC
Demoboard Intel® Cyclone® V ST SoC Evaluation Board

Topology: FPGA

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Sodia board is a development platform for embedded system designs with Intel® Cyclone® V ST FPGA which allows hardware and software designers to quickly start designing in close-to-reality target application environment. Sodia is designed as a superset of Mpression Helio board (Cyclone V SoC Starter Kit) with software compatibility and most of the functions around Helio's HPS (Hardware Processor System) are inherited to Sodia board. Sodia is suitable for users who started their designs with Helio and require more functionality.Sodia board has peripheral interfaces including DDR3-800 x32 +8bitECC and DDR3-600 x32bit, QSPI Flash ROM, Gigabit Ethernet, SD card, USB 2.0, DVI, and Audio, and two highly extensible High-Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) connectors to which LVDS and 5Gbps transceiver are connected.The two High-Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) connectors allow users to add various functions by combining with up to two expansion boards that are commercially available or developed by users.


  • Intel® Cyclone® V ST SoC•Compatible with Intel's SoC Evaluation Kit•5Gbps transceivers•Various functional expansion with 2x High Speed Mezzanine Connectors (HSMC)•Video output and audio input/output equipped•Support for both downloading and debugging of FPGA and program codes by using Intel® FPGA download cable through JTAG port


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