Demoboard AN11022

CLRC663 Quickstart Guide

Topology: Buck
Input Voltage (min.): 7.50 V
Input Voltage (max.): 7.50 V

Original publication on 2015-01-12, revision 1.2


AN11022CLRC663 Quickstart GuideCLRC663 Quickstart GuideRev. 1.2 — 14 January 2015The RC663 evaluation reader is a contactless smartcard reader based on the RC663 reader IC.The Reader PCB is divided into 2 Parts, the general reader part and The Antenna and matching part:Table 3. PCB sectionsPCB SectionDescriptionGeneral reader part (Fig 5 lower figure)Includes Power supply, Rs232 Interface and RC663 related part also EMC filter for TX circuitAntenna and matching part (Fig 5 lower figure)Antenna matching (without EMC filter) with fully differential receiver circuit and PCB antenna coil


  • .Single 7.5 V external power supply• RS232 DSUB9 connector for easy connection to a host PC• RS232 Serial UART up to 1228.8 kBd, with voltage levels dependent on pin voltage supply• Supports transfer speed communication up to 848 kbit/s with credentials• I/O pins (GPIO0/SIGIN; SIGOUT)• Hard Power Down• Standby mode• Programmable and cascadable timers• FiFo buffer handles 512 byte send and receive• IntegerN PLL providing clock for standard microcontroller used frequencies• Low power card detection• Integrated Free-Running Low Power Oscillator• Digital test signal pins CLKOUT,SIGOUT,TCK,TDI,TDO,TMS• versatile quadrature receiver architecture with fully differential receiver• Antenna size: 113 mm x 77 mm


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Q IR 1
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74479032 PDF WE-MI SMT Multilayer Inductor 0.47 25 200 0.3 0.6