Power Integration

Demoboard DER-414

15 W QC 2.0 Power Supply Using ChiPhyTM CHY100D and InnoSwitchTM-CH INN2215K

Topology: Flyback
Input Voltage (min.): 85.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 264.00 V
Output 1: 12.00 V / 1.250 A

Original publication on 2014-07-30, revision 1.0


This document is an engineering report describing a 12 V 1.25 A, 9 V 1.65 A, or 5.0 V 2.0 A, output USB charger utilizing devices from the InnoSwitch-CP family of ICs and a CHY100D. The CHY100D provides Quick Charging 2.0 compliance, allowing a powered device to signal the charger to change from 5.0 V to 9 V and 12 V. This design is intended to show the high power density and efficiency that is possible due to the high level of integration while still providing exceptional performance.This document contains the power supply specification, schematic, bill of materials, transformer documentation, printed circuit layout, and performance data.


  • InnoSwitch-CP industry first AC/DC IC with isolated, safety rated integrated feedback
  • Quick ChargeTM 2.0 compliance via single secondary side IC (CHY100D)
  • Backward compatible to USB battery charging specification 1.2
  • All the benefits of secondary side control with the simplicity of primary side regulation
  • Insensitive to transformer variation
  • Same or better transient response as solution with secondary optocoupler
  • Smaller, lower cost output capacitors
  • Built in synchronous rectification for high efficiency


  Order Code SPEC Product series Z @ 100 MHz
TC Zmax IR 2
RDC max.
Typ Samples
742792122 PDF WE-CBF SMT EMI Suppression Ferrite Bead 220 240 200 MHz 3000 0.3 High Speed

Other applications and Würth Elektronik products for this IC

  • CHY100D
    Topology: Flyback, Input Voltage (min.): 85.00 V, Input Voltage (max.): 264.00 V, Output 1: 9.00 V / 1.670 A
  • CHY100D
    Topology: Flyback, Input Voltage (min.): 85.00 V, Input Voltage (max.): 264.00 V, Output 1: 5.00 V / 2.000 A