Demoboard STEPMO_EVK_20F

36VHigh-performance, High-reliability Withstand Voltage Stepping Motor Driver

Topology: Other
Input Voltage (min.): 19.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 42.00 V
Output 1: V / 1.500 A

Original publication on 2016-09-16, revision A


BD6425EFV, BD6423EFV, BD6422EFV are a low power consumption PWM constant current-drive driver series of stepping motor with power supply's rated voltage of 45V and rated output current of 1.0A, 1.5A. For input interface, BD6425 / 6423EFV is CLK-IN drive mode and BD6422EFV is parallel IN drive mode. There are excitation modes of FULL STEP & HALF STEP (2 kinds), QUATER STEP mode, and for current decay mode, four kinds of ratio of FAST DECAY & SLOW DECAY can be set, so the optimum control conditions for every motor can be realized. In addition, being able to drive with one system of power supply makes contribution to the set design's getting easy.


  • ・Low on-resistance DMOS, rated output current 1.5A ・CLK-IN drive ・QUARTER STEP ・Power-saving function ・Forward rotation & reverse rotation switching function ・TSD(Thermal Shutdown) circuit ・OCP(Over Current Protection) circuit ・UVLO(Under Voltage Locked Out) circuit ・Power ON reset function ・Compact, thin-shape, and high heat dissipation package ・Current decay mode selection(Mix decay) ・One power supply system 45V


  Order Code SPEC Product series Anwendung PCB/Kabel/Panel Modularity Typ Pins Wire Section Reihen Gender IR
Verpackung C
Tol. C VR
(V (DC))
Bauform H
Keramiktyp Technische Artikelnummer Samples
691102710003 PDF WR-TBL Series 102 - 5.00 mm Horiz. Entry Modular Pressure Clamp PCB Yes Horizontal 3 22 to 14 (AWG) 0.326 to 2.08 (mm²)
691102710002 PDF WR-TBL Series 102 - 5.00 mm Horiz. Entry Modular Pressure Clamp PCB Yes Horizontal 2 22 to 14 (AWG) 0.326 to 2.08 (mm²)
61300211121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header Straight 2 Single Pin Header 3 Bag
885012209013 PDF
885012207098 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 50 V(DC) 100 ±10% 50 0805 0.8 2.5 X7R Class II X7R0805104K050DFCT10000
885012205061 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 50 V(DC) 1 ±10% 50 0402 0.5 2.5 X7R Class II X7R0402102K050DFCT10000
824540261 PDF