ON Semiconductor

Demoboard EVBUM2290/D

Evaluation Kit for Power Line Communication User's Manual

Topology: Flyback
Input Voltage (min.): 120.00 V
Input Voltage (max.): 370.00 V

Original publication on 2015-03-31, revision 1


The evaluation circuit is split up in a motherboard anda daughterboard (Figure 1). Refer to [11, 14, 15] for the fullschematics.The motherboard contains the power supply, mainscoupling circuit (including the zero-crossing detection) andan USB-to-teletype converter.The daughterboard contains the modem itself, the poweramplifier, the receive and the transmit filter and theprotection circuit. Refer to “EVK Filter Responses”section for a list of available daughterboards3.


Order Code SPEC Product series Samples
750313480 PDF Flyback Transformer

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  • AMIS-49587
    Topology: Flyback, Input Voltage (min.): 85.00 V, Input Voltage (max.): 264.00 V
  • AMIS-49587
    Topology: Flyback, Input Voltage (min.): 230.00 V, Input Voltage (max.): 230.00 V