WA-PCCA Plastic Caps for USB Connectors

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Material ABS;​ PP;​ TPE;​ PE
Color Black;​ Natural
Flammability Rating according to UL94 HB


Type USB B;​ USB A;​ Mini USB AB, B;​ USB C;​ Micro USB


Packaging Bag


SPEC Order Code Type Color Material Packaging Operating Temperature Files Design Kit Samples
1 PDF 726141001 USB B Black ABS Bag -20 up to +60 °C Download_STEP_726141001 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726141001 (rev1).igs3D_726141001 (rev1).pdf
2 PDF 726141002 USB A Black ABS Bag -20 up to +60 °C Download_STEP_726141002 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726141002 (rev1).igs3D_726141002 (rev1).pdf 700999
3 PDF 726141003 USB B Black PP Bag 0 up to +80 °C Download_STEP_726141003 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726141003 (rev1).igs3D_726141003 (rev1).pdf 700999
4 PDF 726141005 Mini USB AB, B Black TPE Bag -40 up to +80 °C Download_STEP_726141005 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726141005 (rev1).igs3D_726141005 (rev1).pdf 700999
5 PDF 726142002 USB A Natural PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C Download_STEP_726142002 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_7726142002 (rev1).igs3D_726142002 (rev1).pdf
6 PDF 726142003 USB B Natural PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C Download_STEP_726142003 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726142003 (rev1).igs3D_726142003 (rev1).pdf
7 PDF 726143001 USB A Black PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C Download_STEP_726143001 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726143001 (rev1).igs3D_726143001 (rev1).pdf 700999
8 PDF 726144001 USB C Black PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C 726144001 (rev1).stp726144001 (rev1).igs726144001_3D (rev1).pdf
9 PDF 726144002 USB C Black PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C 726144002 (rev1).stp726144002 (rev1).igs726144002_3D (rev1).pdf
10 PDF 726144003 USB C Black PE Bag -30 up to +80 °C 726144003 (rev1).stp726144003 (rev1).igs726144003_3D (rev1).pdf
11 PDF 726291100 Micro USB Black TPE Bag -40 up to +80 °C Download_STP_726291100 (rev1).stpDownload_IGS_726291100 (rev1).igs3D_726291100 (rev1).pdf


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