Demoboard XRP7659EVB

1.5A 18V 1.4MHz non-Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Topologie: Buck
Eingangsspannung (min.): 4.50 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 18.00 V
Ausgang 1: 3.30 V / 1.500 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 08.08.2012, Version 1.0.0 vom


The EXAR XRP7659 Evaluation kit is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount PCB that demonstrates the XRP7659 non-synchronous step-down regulator. The current-mode switching regulator generates a preset 3.3V output with a load of up to 1.5A. The EVB kit requires a single input voltage VIN source, if EN is tied to VIN via jumper J1


  • 1.5A Continuous Output Current
  • 4.5V to 18V Widw Input Voltage
  • PWM Current-Mode Control
  • 1.4Mhz Constant frequency
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • 0,81V to 15V Range / =+ or
  • 3% Accuracy
  • Enable Function and integrated Softstart
  • Built-in Thermal, Over-Current, UVLO and output Over-Voltage Protection
  • RoHS Compliant, "Green"/Halogen Free SOT-23-6 Package


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie Pins Reihen Gender Typ IR 1
Verpackung L
RDC typ.
RDC max.
Version Muster
61304011121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 40 Single Pin Header Gerade 3 Beutel
609002115121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm Jumper with Test Point & Pullback 1 Jumper 3 Beutel
744777004 PDF WE-PD SMT-Speicherdrossel 4.7 3.2 4 25 40 37 Standard