Demoboard XR76116EVB

Power BloxTM 15A and 20A Synchronous Step-Down COT Regulators

Topologie: Buck
Eingangsspannung (min.): 12.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 12.00 V
Schaltfrequenz (min.): 200.00 kHz
Schaltfrequenz (max.): 1000.00 kHz
Ausgang 1: 1.80 V / 15.000 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 30.04.2016, Version 1A vom


The XR76116 and XR76120 are synchronous step-down regulatorscombining the controller, drivers, bootstrap diode and MOSFETsin a single package for point-of-load supplies. The XR76116 has aload current rating of 15A and the XR76120 has a load current ratingof 20A. A wide 5V to 22V input voltage range allows for single supplyoperation from industry standard 5V, 12V and 19.6V rails.With a proprietary emulated current mode constant on-time (COT)control scheme, the XR76116/20 provide extremely fast line andload transient response using ceramic output capacitors. Theyrequire no loop compensation, simplifying circuit implementationand reducing overall component count. The control loop alsoprovides 0.1% load and 0.1% line regulation and maintains constantoperating frequency. A selectable power saving mode, allows the userto operate in discontinuous mode (DCM) at light current loads therebysignificantly increasing the converter efficiency.A host of protection features, including overcurrent, over temperature,overvoltage, short-circuit, open feedback detect and UVLO, helpsachieve safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.The XR76116/20 are available in a RoHS-compliant, green/halogenfreespace-saving 5mm x 6mm QFN package.


  • XR76116/20 both ic ref. same evl■ 15A and 20A step-down regulators ■ 4.5V to 5.5V low VIN operation ■ 5V to 22V wide single input voltage■ 3V to 22V operation with external5V bias■ ≥0.6V adjustable output voltage■ Proprietary constant on-time control■ No loop compensation required■ Ceramic output capacitor stableoperation■ Programmable 70ns-1μs on-time■ Constant 200kHz-1MHz frequency■ Selectable CCM or CCM/DCMoperation■ Power-good flag with low impedance whenpower removed■ Precision enable■ Programmable soft-start■ 5mm x 6mm QFN package


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61300311121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 3 Single Pin Header Gerade 3 Beutel
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60900213421 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm Multi-Jumper Jumper with Test Point 1 Jumper 3 Beutel
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