GreenChip III+ SMPS control IC

Topologie: Flyback
Eingangsspannung (min.): 85.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 305.00 V
Schaltfrequenz (min.): 100.00 kHz
Schaltfrequenz (max.): 150.00 kHz
Ausgang 1: 48.00 V / 3.100 A

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The GreenChip III+ is the third generation of green Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)ontroller ICs. The SSL4101T combines a controller for Power Factor Correction (PFC) and a flyback controller. Its high level of integration allows the design of a cost-effective LED lighting application power supply with a very low number of external components.The special built-in green functions provide high efficiency at all power levels. This applies to quasi-resonant operation at high power levels, quasi-resonant operation with valley skipping, as well as to reduced frequency operation at lower power levels. At low power levels, the PFC switches off to maintain high efficiency.During low power conditions, the flyback controller switches to frequency reduction mode and limits the peak current to 25 % of its maximum value. This will ensure high efficiency at low power and good standby power performance while minimizing audible noise from the transformer.The SSL4101T is a MultiChip Module, (MCM), containing two chips. The proprietary high voltage BCD800 process which makes direct start-up possible from the rectified universal mains voltage in an effective and green way. The second low voltage SiIlicon On Insulator (SIO) is used for accurate, high speed protection functions and control.The SSL4101T enables extremely efficient and reliable LED lighting application power supplies with power requirements from 10 W to 300 W, to be designed easily and with a minimum number of external components.The new SSL4101T allows a typical 150 W LED lighting application power supply (universal input, 48 V (DC) output, TEA1761T on the secondary side for Synchronous Rectification) to achieve the following performances at full load:• 120 V (AC): 92 % efficiency, 0.998 PF, 5.8 % THD, < 190 mW standby power• 277 V (AC): 94 % efficiency, 0.978 PF, 9 % THD, < 350 mW standby power


  • 1 Distinctive features
  • Integrated PFC and flyback controller.
  • True universal mains supply operation: 70 V (AC) to 305 V (AC).
  • High level of integration, resulting in a very low external component count and acost-effective design.2 Green features
  • On-chip start-up current source.3 PFC green features
  • Valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses (NXP Semiconductorspatented).
  • Frequency limitation to reduce switching losses.
  • PFC is switched off when a low load is detected at the flyback output.4 Flyback green features
  • Valley switching for minimum switching losses (NXP Semiconductors patented).
  • Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current at low power operation tomaintain high efficiency at low output power levels.5 Protection features
  • Safe restart mode for system fault conditions.
  • Continuous mode protection by means of demagnetization detection for bothconverters (NXP Semiconductors patented).
  • UnderVoltage Protection (UVP) (foldback during overload).
  • Accurate OverVoltage Protection (OVP) for both converters (adjustable for flybackconverter).
  • Open control loop protection for both converters. The open loop protection on theflyback converter is safe restart.
  • IC OverTemperature Protection (OTP).
  • Low and adjustable OverCurrent Protection (OCP) trip level for both converters.
  • General purpose input for latched protection, e.g. to be used for system OverTemperature Protection (OTP).


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IR 1
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IR 1
750312185 PDF MID-CMCP Power Common Mode Choke 4.8 85.8 2 1600 THT
750312188 PDF MID-PFC Inductors for Power Factor Correction 320 0.134 1280 THT 5.8 5.8 26.16 26.16 19.05
750312184 PDF MID-CMCP Power Common Mode Choke 4 34 2 1600 THT
750341026 PDF Flyback Transformer WE-FB
750341186 PDF MID-PLN Planar Transformers - 150W and 250W 290 2250 SMT 21.08 23.37 10.5 5:6:1:1