Demoboard MXL7213EVB

Current Mode, Dual Channel Power Modules

Topologie: Buck
Eingangsspannung (min.): 4.50 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 18.00 V
Schaltfrequenz (min.): 250.00 kHz
Schaltfrequenz (max.): 780.00 kHz
Ausgang 1: 5.30 V / 100.000 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 05.04.2019, Version 1 vom


The MxL7213 dual step-down power module integrates thecontrol, drivers, bootstrap diodes, inductors and MOSFETs ina single package for point-of-load supplies. Operating froman input voltage range of 4.5V to 18V, the MxL7213 supportstwo outputs each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to5.3V, set by a single external resistor. Just a few input andoutput capacitors are required. It supplies either two 13Aoutputs, a single 26A or up to100A when paralleled withadditional MxL7213 modules. Attention to thermal design,component selection and internal construction results inhigher efficiency and extended operating range than deviceswith the same industry standard pinout.Supply rail sequencing is supported as well as frequencysynchronization, multiphase operation and output voltagetracking. Device temperature monitoring is accomplished withan onboard temperature diode. The peak current modearchitecture provides very fast transient responses to line andload changes and doesn’t sacrifice stability.A host of protection features, including over-current, overtemperature, short-circuit and UVLO, help achieve safeoperation under abnormal operating conditions. Available inspace saving and thermally enhanced 15mm x 15mmpackaging, the 4.41mm height LGA package and the 5.01mmheight BGA package have RoHS compliant terminal finish.


  • Dual 13A or single 26A output
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 18V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.6V to 5.3V
  • Multiphase current sharing with multiple MxL7213s for up to 100A output
  • Frequency synchronization
  • Higher efficiency and wider VIN range than competitive devices with same compatible industry standard pinout
  • Remote differential sense amplifier
  • Peak current mode architecture for fast transient response
  • Adjustable switching frequency (250kHz to 780kHz)
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Internal temperature monitor and thermal shutdown protection
  • Thermally enhanced (15mm x 15mm x 4.41mm) LGA package and (15mm x 15mm x 5.01mm) BGA pack


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Verpackung C
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61300621121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Dual Pin Header 6 Dual Pin Header Board Stacker 3 Beutel
61300111121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 1 Single Pin Header Gerade 3 Beutel
61300211121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 2 Single Pin Header Gerade 3 Beutel
61300311121 PDF WR-PHD 2.54 mm THT Pin Header 3 Single Pin Header Gerade 3 Beutel
885012206052 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0603 1 ±10% 16 10 X7R Klasse II 0.8 X7R0603105K016DFCT10000
885012206071 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0603 100 ±10% 25 3.5 X7R Klasse II 0.8 X7R0603104K025DFCT10000 5 -55 °C up to +125 °C
885012109014 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 1210 22 ±20% 25 10 X5R Klasse II 2.5 X5R1210226M025DFCT10000
885012109004 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 1210 100 ±20% 6.3 15 X5R Klasse II 2.5 X5R1210107M6R3DFCT10000
885012207053 PDF WCAP-CSGP MLCCs 0805 4.7 ±10% 16 10 X7R Klasse II 1.25 X7R0805475K016DFCT10000