Demoboard ADM00556

MCP1642B Two-Cells to USB Power Evaluation Board

Topologie: Boost
Eingangsspannung (min.): 1.80 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 3.60 V
Ausgang 1: 5.00 V / 0.700 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 27.02.2018, Version A vom


The MCP1642B Two-Cells to USB Power Evaluation Board is used to evaluate and demonstrate Microchip Technology’s MCP1642B Switching Boost Regulator. This board demonstrates the MCP1642B capabilities in a boost-converter application supplied from two AA batteries or from an external voltage source. A USB cable can be connected to the output of MCP1642B Two-Cells to USB Power Evaluation Board and used to provide power to portable electronic devices when necessary. It can be used to evaluate the MSOP-8 package. The MCP1642B Two-Cells to USB Power Evaluation Board was developed to help engineers reduce the product design cycle time. On the MCP1642B Two-Cells to USB Power Evaluation Board, the output voltage has the value of 5.0V (the fixed value MCP1642B-50 device is used), resulting in a simple and compact application. The footprints for RT and RB (resistor divider connected to the FB pin) are not populated and will only be used if MCP1642B-ADJ, the adjustable option, will be tested. An enable (EN Switch selection) is used to enable and disable the converter. When enabled, the MCP1642B will regulate the output voltage; when disabled, the MCP1642B will disconnect the path from input to output for “true-disconnect”


  • It can be powered by two AA batteries or external power supply • Input voltage range (V IN ): 1.8V to 5.5V, with V IN  V OUT • Minimum start-up voltage: 1.8V at V OUT = 5.0V and I OUT = 1 mA, resistive load • Output voltage: 5.0V • Output current: typical 700 mA @ 5V output, 2.8V input • PWM operation • PWM switching frequency: 1 MHz • Power Good indicator 2 mA LED • Enable state selectable using EN switch • Peak input current limit of 1.8A • Overtemperature protection (if the die temperature exceeds +150°C, with 35°C hysteresis) • USB A output connector


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62900416021 PDF WR-COM USB 2.0 SMT Type A Horizontal USB 2.0 Type A Horizontal Receptacle 4 SMT 1.5 30 Tray
418121270801 PDF WS-DISV Small Compact SMT with Raised Actuator 2.54 mm 1 800
150060RS75000 PDF Chip LED – Top View Rot 625 250 140