0.65V Start-Up Synchronous Boost Regulator with True Output Disconnect or Input/Output Bypass Option

Topologie: Boost
Eingangsspannung (min.): 3.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 4.20 V
Schaltfrequenz (min.): 425.00 kHz
Schaltfrequenz (max.): 575.00 kHz
Ausgang 1: 5.00 V / 0.300 A

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The MCP1640/B/C/D is a compact, high-efficiency, fixed frequency, synchronous step-up DC-DC converter. It provides an easy-to-use power supply solution for applications powered by either one-cell, two-cell, orthree-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, one-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries.Low-voltage technology allows the regulator to start-up without high inrush current or output voltage overshoot from a low 0.65V input. High efficiency is accomplished by integrating the low resistance N-Channel Boost switch and synchronous P-Channel switch. All compensation and protection circuitry is integrated to minimize the number of external components. For standby applications, the MCP1640 consumes only 19 μA while operating at no load, and provides a true disconnect from input to output while in Shutdown(EN = GND). Additional device options are available operating in PWM-Only mode and connecting input to output while the device is in Shutdown.The “true” load disconnect mode provides input-to-output isolation while the device is disabled by removing the normal boost regulator diode path from input-tooutput. The Input-to-Output Bypass mode option connectsthe input to the output using the integrated low resistance P-Channel MOSFET, which provides a lowbias voltage for circuits operating in Deep Sleep mode. Both options consume less than 1 μA of input current. Output voltage is set by a small external resistor divider. Two package options are available, 6-Lead SOT23 and 8-Lead 2x3 DFN.


  • Up to 96% Typical Efficiency
  • 800 mA Typical Peak Input Current Limit:
  • IOUT > 100 mA @ 1.2V VIN, 3.3V VOUT
  • IOUT > 350 mA @ 2.4V VIN, 3.3V VOUT
  • IOUT > 350 mA @ 3.3V VIN, 5.0V VOUT
  • Low Start-Up Voltage: 0.65V, typical 3.3V VOUT @ 1 mA
  • Low Operating Input Voltage: 0.35V, typical 3.3VOUT @ 1 mA
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 2.0V to 5.5V
  • Maximum Input Voltage  VOUT < 5.5V
  • Automatic PFM/PWM Operation (MCP1640/C): PFM Operation Disabled (MCP1640B/D) PWM Operation: 500 kHz
  • Low Device Quiescent Current: 19 μA, typical
  • PFM Mode (not switching)
  • Internal Synchronous Rectifier
  • Internal Compensation
  • Inrush Current Limiting and Internal Soft Start
  • Selectable, Logic Controlled, Shutdown States: True Load Disconnect Option (MCP1640/B) Input to Output Bypass Option (MCP1640C/D)
  • Shutdown Current (All States): < 1 μA
  • Low Noise, Anti-Ringing Control
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Available Packages:
  • 6-Lead SOT23
  • 8-Lead 2x3 DFN


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie L1
IR 1
RDC1 typ
RDC1 max.
fres 1
744031004 PDF WE-TPC SMT-Speicherdrossel 4.7 1.2 0.9 90 105 75
744029004 PDF WE-TPC SMT-Speicherdrossel 4.7 1 0.8 170 200 65
744062005 PDF WE-TPC SMT-Speicherdrossel 5 2.15 2 40 46 50
744042004 PDF WE-TPC SMT-Speicherdrossel 4.7 1.72 1.65 70 82 70

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