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MAX71316S (ZON M5S)

ZON P5S/P5SL and M5S/M5SL Poly and Single-Phase Energy Meter SoCs

Topologie: Other
Eingangsspannung (min.): 2.70 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 3.60 V


The ZON™ P5S/P5SL (MAX71336S/MAX71335S) and ZON M5S/M5SL (MAX71316S/MAX71315S) are very low-power poly- and single-phase metering systems-on-chips (SoCs) that comprise a 20MHz MAXQ30 MPU core, realtime clock (RTC) with digital temperature compensation, flash memory, LCD drivers and a single-cycle 32 x 32 multiplier (MAC). Seven (ZON P5S/P5SL) or four (ZON M5S/M5SL) analog inputs with individual 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs, digital metrology temperature compensation, a precision voltage reference, a 32-bit computation engine (CE) with four pulse outputs, and security engines implementing AES and DES encryption support a wide range of smart metering applications with very few external components. The ZON P5S/P5SL and ZON M5S/M5SL SoCs support optional interfaces to the 71M6xxx and MAX71071 series of isolated remote sensors that offer BOM cost reduction and enhanced reliability. The devices feature low-power operation in active and battery modes, 48KB RAM, and 256KB or 512KB of flash memory, programmable with code and/or data during meter operation. A complete array of code development tools, demonstration code, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of meters that meet all ANSI, IEC, and BIS electricity metering standards worldwide.


  • Low Power Consumption ◦Less Than 5mA (typ) Consumption at 3.3V and 20MHz in Active Mode ◦< 3μA in RTC Compensation Mode, 2.3μA in SLP Mode ◦2.7V to 3.6V Operating Voltage•Advanced AFE with Exceptional Accuracy and Temperature Stability ◦Voltage Reference Temperature Coefficient (max) 40ppm/°C ◦RTC with Dedicated Temperature Compensation Circuit ◦On-Chip Digital Temperature Sensor and Battery Monitor ◦24-Bit 2nd Order Delta-Digma ADCs with Differential Inputs Supporting CTs, Rogowski Coils and Both Single and Dual Input Remote Sensor Interface SoCs with Shunts (71M6xx3 or MAX71071) ◦Configurable Sampling Rate Up to 10ksps/Channel ◦±0.1% Wh Accuracy Over 5000:1 Current Range ◦40Hz–70Hz Line Frequency Range and Phase Compensation (±10°)•Highly Integrated Product Features and Flexible Peripherals Support Broad Application Needs ◦Single 32kHz Crystal Provides All Operating Clocks ◦Low-Power 5ksps Auxiliary ADC for Environmental Monitoring ◦Two PWM Control Channels with Programmable Frequency, Duty Cycle, and Ramp Time ◦Two Touch Sensor Switch Inputs ◦SPI and I²C Master and Slave ◦Security Engines (3DES, AES) ◦5 Timers ◦Single-Cycle 32 x 32 MAC Unit ◦4x 40/6x 38/8x 36 LCDs with Autopaging ◦5 UARTs, 1 with 38kHz IR Encoder/Decoder), Two Compliant with ISO 7816


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