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Demoboard DC2429A

PLL/VCO Supply and Reference Board

Topologie: Buck
Eingangsspannung (min.): 6.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 20.00 V
Ausgang 1: 5.00 V / 0.200 A
Ausgang 2: 3.30 V / 0.800 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 02.09.2016, Version A


Demonstration Circuit 2429A is a PLL/VCO Supply andReference Board that features the LT®3042, an ultralownoise and ultrahigh PSRR RF linear regulator. Whenpowered from any lab or wall wart supply, the DC2429Aproduces four ultralow noise supplies and an ultralownoise 100MHz reference that ensures PLL/VCO evaluationmeets data sheet performance.Functionally, this circuit produces four separate ultralownoise supplies from a single 6V to 20V supply input.These supplies provide a fixed 3.3V/800mA supply, a fixed5V/200mA supply, a variable voltage/200mA supply and afixed 3.3V/200mA supply that powers an onboard 100MHzreference. The variable supply is ideal for powering external L, LT, LTC, LTM, Linear Technology and the Linear logo are registered trademarks of LinearTechnology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.VCOs, by providing a jumper option that selects betweenseven common VCO power supply voltages.The onboard 100MHz reference is capable of providing asignal which is clean enough to produce data sheet performancefrom a PLL/VCO. The default reference outputmates directly with the LTC®6945, LTC6946, LTC6947 andLTC6948 demo board reference inputs. For evaluation ofPLL/VCOs with other references, the DC2429A can bemodified to accommodate different onboard referencefrequencies, signal types and package footprints


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