Demoboard BD7682FJ-LB-EVK-402

Low Noise Quasi-Resonant Control DC/DC converter IC for AC/DC Converter

Topologie: LLC Resonant
Eingangsspannung (min.): 400.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 690.00 V
Ausgang 1: 24.00 V / 1.000 A

Erstveröffentlichung am 06.04.2016, Version A


The BD768xFJ-LB series are Quasi-Resonant switching AC/DC converter for driving SiC (Silicon Carbide)–MOSFET. Using external switching MOSFET and current detection resistors provides a lot of flexibility in the design. Power efficiency is improved by the burst function and the reduction of switching frequency under light load conditions. This is the product that guarantees long time support in the Industrial market.


  • Quasi-resonant method(Maximum frequency control 120kHz)/Current mode
  • Low power when load is light ( Burst operation) / Frequency reduction function
  • VCC pin : under voltage protection / over voltage protection
  • Leading-Edge-Blanking function
  • Over-current protection (cycle-by-cycle)
  • ZT trigger mask function
  • ZT Over voltage protection
  • AC voltage correction function
  • Soft start
  • Brown IN/OUT function
  • Gate Clamp circuit
  • MASK Function


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie L
RDC max.
Q fres
Montageart RDC typ.
74476626 PDF WE-GF SMT-Induktivität 680 50 30 30 3.7 SMT
7447462022 PDF WE-TI Tonneninduktivität 2.2 6.3 0.02 65 0.01
768772102 PDF WE-TI HV Tonneninduktivität (High Voltage) 1000 0.5 2.08 1.8 THT 1.75 0.55