Alpha & Omega Semiconductor



Topologie: Boost
Eingangsspannung (min.): 2.70 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 5.50 V
Ausgang 1: 39.00 V / 0.030 A


The AOZ1954CI-1 is a versatile constant current LED driver with a high efficiency DC-DC step up “boost” converter architecture. The low-side power MOSFET is integrated in the device, minimizing the total number of external components. Unique technology and high 1.5A current limit allow AOZ1954A to drive up to 39V output (10 LEDs in series). Alternatively, AOZ1954CI-1 can deliver 250mA total current with 3 series LEDs per string. It can also maximize the current capability while achieving high conversion efficiency. The optimized 0.9MHz switching frequencies result in reduced conduction loss and small external component size. The driver allows a wide range of PWM dimming frequencies through the EN pin..Various protection features are built into the AOZ1954CI-1, including cycle-by-cycle input current limit protection, LED open-circuit (output over voltage) protection and thermal shutdown protection. The leakage current in shutdown mode is less than 1μA.The AOZ1954CI-1 is available in an RoHS and Green compliant 6-lead TSOT23 package


  • Wide output range: up to 10 series LEDs
  • Integrated 40V high current switch (1.5A limit)
  • VIN: 2.7V~5.5V
  • High efficiency PWM converter (up to 90%)
  • Low 200mV feedback voltage
  • Single-wire interface adjusts FB voltage
  • High accuracy across full load range
  • LED open-circuit (OVP) protection
  • AOZ1954CI-1: 39V
  • High switching frequency
  • AOZ1954CI-1: 900kHz
  • Simple, small solution size
  • Integrated Softstart
  • < 1 μA shutdown current
  • Small TSOT23-6 Package
  • RoHS and Green compliant
  • 40 to +85 C° Temperature RangeREMARKS:AVAILABLE IN FOLDER


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie L
RDC typ.
RDC max.
Bauform Version Muster
74477030 PDF WE-PD SMT-Speicherdrossel 1000 0.6 0.7 1040 1820 1.8 1280 Standard