Demoboard EVALAg9900

Ag9900 Series - Ultra-miniature POE

Topologie: Other

Erstveröffentlichung am 01.09.2016, Version 1


This manual is intended to be a guide to using the “EVALAg9900 Rev 1” evaluation board with an Ag9912M Powered Device (PD) module.The EVALAg9900 evaluation board can be powered using the spare pair in the CAT5e cable (pins 4 & 5 and pins 7 & 8), or over the data pair through on-board magnetics.The EVALAG9900 evaluation board has been designed to handle 10GBASE-T Ethernet data rates.


  Artikel Nr. SPEC Produktserie Datenrate Anzahl Ports PoE HPLE Betriebstemperatur VT
(V (RMS))
Montageart L
749052050 PDF WE-LAN 10G Übertrager 10Gbit Base-T 10G Base-T 1 PoE+ (bis zu 1 A) Nein 0 up to +70 °C 1500 SMT 180