Arria V GT FPGA Development Kit

Topologie: FPGA
Eingangsspannung (min.): 19.00 V
Eingangsspannung (max.): 19.00 V

Erstveröffentlichung am 01.11.2012, Version 1.2


The Arria V GT FPGA development board provides a hardware platform fordeveloping and prototyping low-power, high-performance, and logic-intensive designs using Altera’s Arria V GT FPGA device. The board provides a wide range of peripherals and memory interfaces to facilitate the development of Arria V GT FPGA designs.Two high-speed mezzanine card (HSMC) connectors are available to add additional functionality via a variety of HSMCs available from Altera® and various partners.


  • ■ Two Arria V GT FPGA 5AGTFD7K3F40I3N in the 1517-pin FineLine BGA (FBGA)package■ 504K LEs■ 190,240 adaptive logic modules (ALMs)■ 24,140 Kbit (Kb) M10K on-die memory■ 2,906 Kb MLAB memory■ 36 transceivers■ 16 phase locked loops (PLLs)■ 2,312 18x18 multipliers■ 1.15-V core voltage■ MAX® II CPLD EPM2210GF324 System Controller in the 324-pin FBGA package■ FPGA configuration circuitry■ MAX II CPLD EPM570GM100 and flash fast passive parallel (FPP)configuration■ On-board USB-BlasterTM II for use with the Quartus® II Programmer■ Clocking circuitry■ Nine on-board oscillators■ One 50-MHz oscillator■ Two 125-MHz oscillators■ Clock buffer with six outputs sourced by SMA or programmable oscillatorwith a default frequency of 100-MHz■ One programmable oscillator with a default frequency of 148.5-MHz■ Four programmable oscillators with four outputs each of various defaultfrequencies■ Clock buffer with two outputs sourced by one of the above fourprogrammable oscillators with one output to the FPGA reference clock andBull's Eye® SMA■ SMA connectors for external LVPECL clock input■ Power supply■ 14-V – 20-V DC input■ PCI Express edge connector power■ 12-V PCI Express ATX supply■ On-board power measurement circuitry■ Mechanical■ PCI Express long form factor (4.376” x 10.45”)■ PCI Express chassis or bench-top operation


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7499111001A PDF WE-RJ45 LAN Übertrager 10/100/1000 Base-T non-PoE 1 Down Nein 0 °C up to +70 °C THT Ja