MagI³C-VDRM Variable Step Down Regulator Module


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  • Low conducted and radiated EMI (compliant to EN55022 class B / CISPR-22)
  • TO263-7EP
  • Leaded package for easy manufacturing and prototyping
  • Simple layout
  • Wide input voltage range for input transient capability
  • Support ambient temperatures up to 105°C
  • 2 solder cycles supported
  • QFN
  • Low profile package
  • Simple application circuit (only 4 external components required)
  • Optional multiple features (adj.frequency, adj.softstart, power good, sequencing, tracking, synchronization, adjustable undervoltage lockout)
  • Wide input voltage range QFN41 type
  • 3 solder cycles supported


  • Point-of-Load DC-DC applications from 12V and 24V industrial rails
  • Industrial, Test & Measurement, Medical applications
  • System power supplies
  • DSPs, FPGAs, MCUs and MPUs supply
  • I/O interface power supply
  • High density distributed power systems


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